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The ENIGMA Travel Collection is a new division belonging to ENIGMA, devoted to designing custom itineraries for individuals, families and small groups.

The proposed collections are a series of selected itineraries to cater for different needs and are focused on Peru, where we are based and where we believe to have a deep knowledge of all services available. Our suggested programs are intended to be a first source of inspiration. Once you contact us and we understand your needs, we get deeper into the itinerary's detail, adding texture and color, balancing activity and rest, simplicity and grandeur, order and spontaneity, according to each individual or group.

We take the time to discuss your needs and interests with you personally and create an itinerary, which accurately reflects your interests and objectives in your trip. Owing to the professionalism of our staff, and our own experiences as devoted travelers, you will be assured a consistently high level of service.


Our Office Staff

Our office is in Cusco, Jirón Clorinda Matto de Turner #100, Urbanización Magisterial 1a etapa. The best way to get to our office is by taxi, in a 7-minute ride from the city center (standard taxi price in Cusco: 2,5 soles).

Please feel at home when you visit us. Our office staff will be willing to provide you with all information and help you may need.

We are the following, supported by the rest of the ENIGMA team:

  • MERCEDES ESCOBAR – Enigma Travel Collection Manager
  • CAROL PAUCAR ALEGRE – Enigma Travel Collection Operations Assistant
  • SILVIA RICO - General Manager



“I am half Spanish and half Bolivian, and I have been fascinated by traveling since I was a child. I remember having a book on South America on a shelf above my bed, that I used to read frequently before going to sleep, dreaming about one day seeing those amazing animals, experiencing the impressive ruins and hearing the jungle sounds for myself. Traveling has always been a part of me and I have also developed into being myself due to the numerous trips and expeditions I have undergone.

I arrived in Peru in the year 2001, in a 4-month trip around South America that was supposed to start in Quito and end in Caracas, and during which I finally stayed more than 2 months in Cusco, fascinated by the area, its mountains, its ruins, and basically a feeling of being here that is hard for me to express in words. I then returned to my home city of Barcelona/Spain, to work for another 7 months until I decided to quit my job as Marketing Director for the Biscuit Division in Danone multinational in Spain. I established myself in Cusco and after another 7 months ENIGMA was born as an adventure tour operator based in Cusco, Peru.

Since then, we have been growing as adventure travel specialists, I believe as a result of our hard work and of our will to do things differently.

We are essentially aware that we cannot change the world wonder of Machupicchu, or the Inca Trail, or the Tambopata National park or others. But we can make you live them in such a way that will make your visit to Peru an unforgettable experience, in which you will learn something and this learning will contribute to changing a little bit of yourself.

ENIGMA believes that travel has the capacity to transform your life.

The will to visit other places, step on the stones that were built by ancient civilizations and get this impressive feeling of traveling centuries back in time, the need to get in contact with other people, experiencing the feeling of being alone in a completely unknown country, with a different language, and being able to interact with people, laugh and share has always made me feel more down-to-earth, more human, less machine.

Frequently, when we are back at home, when we are at our office, we sometimes forget that everything is not just about deadlines, and presentations, and money and politics and finance. It is not just about saving money to have a better car, or dreaming about the trips we will enjoy when we get old and are retired. It is about learning and experiencing and enriching our existence day by day. It is about living and enjoying every moment of your life: now and when we are older. This is what we want you to feel when you visit us, contributing to make each of your days with us a very special one for you.

At ENIGMA, we have trained and developed a team of people that totally share this feeling. I believe we have the best people working with us, from the office staff, to the carefully selected team of guides, to the wonderful chefs and the friendly and amazing team of porters, and I really am proud of what we have built together so far. ENIGMA is now a recognized adventure tour operator in Cusco and Peru, being the exclusive outfitter of prestigious travel agencies in Lima and abroad, and also of world-class luxury travel businesses. We are also recommended in guidebooks and have appeared in several publications through trips operated for some of our clients. As a result of our past services, our clients have asked us to not just provide adventure tours in Cusco, but to expand and develop custom trips with the same care and attention to detail that has characterized our service so far.

And this is how ENIGMA TRAVEL COLLECTION has come to light, after a careful selection of itineraries within Peru that has been thought out with our passion for this country and its diversity. With the thorough knowledge of our destinations, hotels, houses, exceptional guides, shops, restaurants and private amusements, of history and current events, cultural ways of life and, most importantly, of your expectations and desires. It is about ensuring we give you the best room in that hotel, making sure the restaurant food is adapted to your wishes, recommending you the right shop and making sure the towels are thick and fluffy so you can experience the highest level of comfort. The time we invest in making meticulous arrangements to ensure the correct pacing, the ideal design of your days, and the seamless unfolding of your logistics is unparalleled.

This is our home. I really hope you will experience and enjoy the best of it, and return home with the feeling of having experienced something totally enriching and rewarding for yourselves, something we hope you will keep with you forever. This will be our highest reward and recognition.”

Silvia Rico

General Manager




All the programs included in this website have been fully developed by our staff, after checking feasibility, attractiveness, acclimatization to altitude, time and cost optimization. The itineraries selected have also been those obtaining a higher evaluation among our previous clients.

However, should you wish us to develop a unique, custom-designed independent itinerary that is fully adapted to your needs, please go to the Customize your Itinerary section of this website by clicking here.


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